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Patricia Mazza


Patricia Mazza was born and raised in Queens, NYC. (Although she’ll cringe and say her mother’s rolling in her grave when you tell her she’s got the accent.) She has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, eventually progressing into pastels, oils , acrylics and other mediums. After attending the School of Visual Arts, she set out to satiate her wanderlust and discovered her love of the Caribbean Sea and the Peter Pan island of St John. After apprenticing in Queens, Pat traveled extensively in a constant search for artistic inspiration and aesthetic ideals. While her travels included Southeast Asia, Bali and Central America, she always returned to St John, where she founded the island’s first (and best) tattoo studio, Octopus Ink in 2007. The need to surround herself with other talented and like-minded artists pulled her back home to NYC, where she was fortunate enough to find Brooklyn Tattoo© and its crew. She enjoys drawing, painting and tattoo styles from all different cultures and eras. She has an affinity for stray animals, metal, aggressively dark chocolate and coffee. (With her stature, you be shocked at what this tiny woman can put away in baked goods!) All in all she’s an amazing and inspiring woman, and she is incredibly grateful that she loves what she does.


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