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Born and raised in South Brooklyn, Adam studied at the Art Student’s League, The High School of Music and Art and the Rhode Island School of Design. Tattooing since 1999, his work is hard to characterize in any specific tattoo genres (graffiti, new school? not really). His work is highly stylized with often warped perspectives. He likes to concentrate on urban iconography, but with a degree in illustration, he can take a client’s idea, whatever it is and run with it. “Sometimes i’ll concentrate on specific urban iconography. Lampposts, bridges, fire hydrants, subways, for example, are ever present in my work”. His work is inspired by many things including impressionism, the Dutch Masters, Underground comic art and psychedelic poster art of the 60’s, as well as aztec art, his love of old school graffiti and his own short lived graffiti efforts. He is the co owner/founder of Brooklyn Tattoo® with Willie Paredes, they opened Brooklyn Tattoo® in 2002. He is also the founder of Urban Folk Art® Studios, an artist collective he started in ’91. Adam continues to paint, illustrate, tattoo, printmake, make comics, curate, produce merchandise, and make art on many levels in many mediums. He is open to all creative inquiries, commissions, and collaborations.


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