Madison G.

I knew exactly what I wanted tattoo wise when I walked into Brooklyn Tattoo. I lived in the neighborhood and figured I should at least check the place out after reading the positive reviews of it on Yelp. (Yes, I did read the negative reviews as well.)

The tattoo I wanted was very simple, yet very intricate – two lines of sanskrit on my inner forearm right below my elbow. I took a print out with me and everything. I had taken the print out to multiple tattoo shops and they had all said that my image was “too small” and they needed to make its 2 or 3 times the size. I spoke to the lady behind the counter who was very kind and went back to get a tattoo artist for me. She brought me Willie.

Long story super short — Willie said he could manage the small font and I booked my appointment with him. I trusted him immediately. The tattoo itself took about an hour and a half. His attention to detail while working on me was immaculate. He used the smallest needle the shop had and did a BEAUTIFUL job. He said that since there was so much detail in such a small space, he didn’t know how it would heal, and offered me a free ‘touch-up’ in 4 weeks.

4 weeks have passed. The tattoo has healed perfectly, but I’m still going to schedule the touch-up and bring him cupcakes as a thank you. Willie is a kind soul and a great artist. I got great vibes from the other artists there as well.

The prices are reasonable for the great work you receive, the place is clean, and the people are nice. What more could you ask for?

Grace G.

This place is great! Adam did my tattoo. He’s excellent at what he does. I felt very comfortable with him. The tattoo didn’t hurt at all. Days before the session he emailed me his sketch and worked with me (even with all the back and forth of me changing my idea..sorry!!) And the end result was amazing. Ill be back for more for sure!!! If you were contemplating getting to get a tattoo here I highly recommend it. Best thing is to call and book an appointment, the weekends seem very busy. Adam you truly are amazing!

Tanya T.

So, my husband and I left Brooklyn. *sob*. We had been planning on getting a marriage tattoo, but weren’t able to decide on a design until finally we realized DUH let’s get the Brooklyn Bridge. After all, Brooklyn is where we met, got married (practically under the bridge) and it’s our favorite place on Earth. Before we moved we decided to get our tattoos in Brooklyn and started searching for the perfect design. As fate would have it, we each found the perfect designs (thanks to googling “Brooklyn Bridge tattoo”), emailed them to each other, and realized 1) they were the same exact picture and 2) they were designed by Adam at Brooklyn Tattoo.

We set up a consult, Adam drew up an image to make our tattoo “original” (so both we and the original person from the google image would have different, original tattoos), and promptly emailed it back. Setting up an appointment was easy and everyone we dealt with in the shop was super nice.

Adam himself is awesome – really laid back, not too chatty, and pretty gentle (it was my husband’s first, my fourth, and both of us thought it wasn’t too bad). Nearly 3 weeks later, the design is still awesome and he did a really great job on the shading. We are really happy with the results and glad we got to commemorate our wedding and our “bon voyage Brooklyn” pieces here at Brooklyn Tattoo.

K T.

This place is awesome! My first experience here was in 2011 when I needed a coverup. I liked Pat’s work so much that I got it extended around my hip to the front of my torso a year later! She did an amazing and thorough job on the color work in my lilies and was light-handed and thoughtful about the time I was spending in the chair. Her handwriting is also clear and elegant, and you can read my “Galatians 6:9” perfectly, even through all of the flowers surrounding it.

Fantastic job! I love my tattoo and the only reason I’m just now getting around to writing a review is because now that I live in NY permanently I will definitely be consulting her for more!

Donysa V.

Hubby and I cannot talk about Brooklyn Tattoo without talking about the amazing and incomparable Robert Bonhomme. We’ve been slowly getting work done with Robert from even before he started here and he has been ever the amazing artist and consummate professional. His artistry, attention to detail and his impeccable cleanliness and mindfulness keeps us coming back! Brooklyn Tattoo is the perfect home for him because the environment is immaculate and runs like a well oiled machine. Willy, one of the owners, is a perfectionist by every account, so he runs a tight ship.

Rob’s art is very versatile. We’ve had work done that is Asian inspired, African inspired and medieval European and he has been comfortable with all of them. He can work from templates or even help you to create your own masterpiece. When the latter is involved, he has the patience of Job, which is essential for both crafting your piece, as well as ensuring proper placement. Measure thrice, stab once…that sort of thing.

We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else or being worked on by anyone else.

Tim H.

Didn’t realized they moved a couple blocks down from where I first found them last year. Walked in on a late afternoon and happened to speak to Robert, just the artist I was looking for. He was super open to my ideas for a near-future forearm piece which I’ll be contacting him about – but more importantly when I asked if he was able to fit me in for a smaller piece, he was accommodating as well, though he had an appointment that day he got me in for another day as his first appointment.

Definitely did not disappoint. The staff there was very friendly and Robert himself really holds true to his work. Took all the necessary precautions to prep his station and made sure everything was clean, tidy, and most importantly safe. It’s not the first piece he’s done on me but he managed to complete it in a little over an hour, making sure all the details were there. Looking forward to going back again!