Brooklyn Tattoo© is committed to following the highest health standards in the industry.
The cornerstone of our guidelines is the same as any doctor, dentist, or blood bank. This is called "universal precaution." Each of our artists has completed courses on sterilization and cross-contamination procedures, and we are just as concerned with your well-being as
we are with our own.

Safety is ensured by use of a method called "single service." This means that every item that
comes in contact with a customer must be properly disposed of or sterilized. It also means that
nothing is used twice - from needles to ink caps, cups to razors - nothing is reused. 90% of everything we use in the process is disposable. Every set of needles used to apply your tattoo is brand new. They are individually packaged, sealed, and sterilized in an autoclave.  We open them in the presence of each customer. After use, the needles are disposed of. We also have an on site autoclave sterilizer that is regularly tested, with the results on display.

Above all, we care for our customers. In protecting our customers we also protect ourselves; remember we are at a higher risk because of the number of people we work on daily, so safety
is for our benefit as well. Making you feel safe and comfortable are of top priority to us.

For Aftercare instructions, click here: Aftercare

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