Owned and operated by Willie Paredes and Adam Suerte (formerly owners of Studio Dep and members of All Souls Tattooing), we are a sterile, friendly and artistic studio specializing in quality, custom tattooing. As dedicated artists, our work reflects a more personal artistic direction while still adhering to traditional tattoo ideals. By looking at both our tattoo work as well as our art, one can recognize we are diverse yet consistent and are able to acclimate to many styles and directions. We are interested and invested in making your tattoo personal and original, and we strive to make your whole experience a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Be sure to check out our news section on this site. Everyone who works at the shop is involved in other endeavors, artistic and musical, as well as various events and celebrations of our own and of our colleagues.

While we can give general prices and make appointments over the phone, we encourage anyone interested in our work or in seeking a no-obligation consultation, to visit the shop and come speak with us in person. Check out our portfolios and our art. Or to take a look at our shop and our gallery here on the site. If you are looking to speak to a specific tattooer, it’s always wise to call first to inquire about the weekly schedule of each artist. Appointments are preferred but we can usually accept walk-ins on a daily basis.

We look forward to working with you

Hours: Monday 12-8pm / Tuesday – Saturday 12-9pm / Sunday 1-8pm

Meet Our Artists

Wilham Paredes


Patricia Mazza

Sara Antoinette Martin

Charles Arizmendy